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After generations of hazelnuts cultivation, the Bruna family has chosen to transform its production internally, preparing a shelling plant and a workshop production of high-quality semi-finished, starting from the product basis, the "Piedmont Hazelnuts IGP" cultivated with passion and dedication.

Lequio Berria, a small village located 700 metres (a.s.l) in the hills Langhe, is situated in one of the most suited areas for the production of the famous hazelnut IGP from Piedmont. In that well-known region ,which is characterised by great landscapes and the hospitality of locals, are rooted the farm "Cascina Valcrosa" and Bruna's family. The family has been engaged with the farm labour for generations; however Bruna's family is recently producing mainly hazelnuts and to a smaller extent honey and wine. The main feature of the business consist in the quality of the product. The whole production is certified as "hazelnuss IGP from Piedmont" and is considered the best worldwide thanks to its excellent taste and its long-lasting shelf life. The denomination IGP assures the consumer of the quality and the genuineness of the product. The harvest takes place at the end of August once hazelnuts have ripened. The reduced dimensions of the company allow a simple but eco-conscious management as well as the production of semi-finished goods on order. Recent studies have shown that the regular consumption of hazelnuts has a positive impact on our health. Furthermore hazelnuts are rich in starch, vitamin E and antioxidants. Hazelnuts are particularly appreciated in the context of confectionery (ice cream and pastry) and go well with wine tasting.


Our Products

Roasted Hazelnuts

Piedmont Hazelnuts IGP roasted
Vacuum bags 200g, 500g, 1kg

Paste Hazelnuts

Paste 100% by "Piedmont Hazelnuts IGP"

Spreadable creams

Hazelnut Cream
Product obtained exclusively by "Piedmont Hazelnuts IGP"


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